Metallic Set 6pc

(6) 3" x  7" Sheets + FREE Template

Each sheet is 21 square inches of ultra-thin self-adhesive film for use as wraps and accents in acrylics, gels of all types and even natural nails!

Includes 1 sheet each:

  • Black Lace
  • Silver
  • Blue Metal
  • Rainbow
  • Copper
  • Rust
  • FREE Template


Receive a FREE nail template and FREE shipping to any of the 48 contiguous states.

Made for specifically for nails,

Empower Nail Art is super flexible and ½ as thick as the car-wrap material others brands sell as nail wraps.

Made to adhere
to acrylics, gels, gel-polish hybrids, natural nails and even other films.,  

Super thin for layering and encasement,
and formulated to work with or without topcoats.   

150 Shapes150 shapes in different sizes
are on the back of every sheet, so you can easily cut them out for artistic accents. 
Every Print has these shapes on the back, or draw what you like for quick and easy accents!
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The Nail TemplateUse The Nail Template to create nail wraps in 11 sizes, 3 styles, and 4 cuticle shapes for a perfect fit.  No trimming along sidewalls or cuticle lines.  No waste.  No leftovers.
Easily cut wraps to fit exactly before application or get creative with a variety of smile lines. 
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For application instructions, please visit this LINK.
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Empower Nail Art