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Eco’s Valentine Vamp Glitter Gel!
From Eco’s New Glitter Allure Collection- Soak Off UV Nail Color Vamp Glitter!
Universal UV/LED Cured Top Coats
eco So Quick NEW Universal UV/LED Cured Top Coats
8 Shades of Travel in One Simple Kit!
Maui Baby eco Soak Off gel Polish Collection - 8 Shades of Travel in One Simple Kit!
Putting on the Glitz!
Eco’s New Glitter Allure Soak Off UV Nail Color Collection Kit!
New Eco Soak Off UV Nail Color Intro Kit!
New 6pc. Color Kit to Use as a Money-Making Alternative to Polish!
Chip Off The Old Block
The First Cost Effective Individual Disposable Professional Sanding Block
Say Hello to my Little Toezee
The earth friendly, cost effective single toe separator.
New Neon Nail Art Pens by Cina Nail Creations!
Nail the Neon this Summer with sultry, haute new nail art pen colors! The new neon colors are fun and make a bold statement. With neon colors being a popular choice for nails polish this season, the nail art pen is an easy transition into delightful neons without the full coverage. Change up the...
Eco Desire Pink Soak Off UV Nail Color
Summer is a great time to incorporate some classic pinks into your wardrobe (and by wardrobe, I mean nails). With fun and vibrant colors hitting the stores all summer-long, compliment your client’s nails with traditional pinks and nudes.
The Perfect Professional Tool for Easily Mixing Custom Colors With Gels, Acrylics, Pigments, Glitter and Nail Art.
The easy-to-use Accelerated Complex Kit contains two ˝ oz bottles with pre-measured droppers to make for quick and clean mixing of the proper ratios. The 1/2oz. bottles contain enough concentrate solution to mix an average of 8-10 gallons alcohol and/or acetone. The kit contains step-by-step mixing ...
Never Buy a Pedicure Foot File Again!
A new foot file that will be the last file you will ever buy again!
Tony Cuccio on Nail Talk Radio
Mr. Tony Cuccio
Tony Cuccio Speaks about the Spa Industry
Fun with Cina Nail Creation’s Color Nail Art Pens!
Create Flawless Color French Tips or Fun Nail Designs in Seconds!
Nail SmARTs Talk on Nail Talk Radio!
Elaine Watson featured on Nail Talk Radio with Athena & Naja!
Insight on the Exec and the Tech’s opinion on the industry’s game changer “The toughest decision I’ve ever had to make in the last 30 years of business was not putting soak-off UV gels in a polish bottle”
English Rose Puffy Sticker
New Cina Nail Art English Rose Puffy Rhinestone Decals! English Rose Puffy Sticker Romance is in the air as Valentines Day approaches. Whimsical nail art pieces put any girl in the mood for love!
Eco Nail Systems Accelerating Complex
Concentrates to Condition Cuticles While Soaking Off UV Gel Product and Finishing Wipe Concentrate to Clean the Nail Plate and Tacky Layer from Gels!
CinaPro and Cina now available on!
Cina Nail Creations nail art is so easy to use, create a new add-service and instantly position yourself as a Nail Artist. All products are made with the highest quality materials and engineered for brilliance, durability and ease-of-use. Get to know Cina Nail Creations Line art products
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 31 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]