T3 Fibergel – LED/UV Formulated

T3 Fibergel Now Formulated for LED/UV Lamps   T3 European FiberGel LED_UV THE ORIGINAL SEMI-PERMANENT NAIL POLISH THAT NEVER CHIPS Fashionable colors straight from the runway. Semi-permanent nail polish that will not chip. Long lasting bold colors. For natural and artificial nails. No chipping, fading or peeling guaranteed. Durable, lightweight and flexible. T3 Runway Gel Colored Gel Collection … Read more

The many Faces of Star

  Meet … Again…     Acrygel Hybrid UV Nail Technology. Odor-free, specially formulated strengthening powder combined with AcryGel produces the strongest, clearest, yet flexible and durable nails. Ultimate Lyte Acrylic 100% Odor-Free UV Powder and Liquid A revolutionary new odor-free, light cured acrylic nail system. Guaranteed to never yellow. Does not contain ethyl methacrylate, … Read more